Granite lands $12M runway upgrade contract in California

ConDig (11-Jun–21) Civil contractor and construction materials producer Granite Construction has netted a $12 million contract to revamp a runway at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport in central California. 

Under the deal, Granite will mill the existing pavement of the 6100-foot long runway to a depth of four inches and replace it with four inches of new hot mix asphalt. 

It will also replace existing signs and lighting with energy-efficient LED equipment. Granite’s Gardner Asphalt Plant will provide about 30,000 tons of hot mix asphalt for the project.

Construction is slated to start in July this year and is expected to be completed by October.

“The team worked diligently with the County and project designer, Mead & Hunt, to finalize the design, provide value engineering, evaluate risk, and provide runway closure schedule options,” said Granite Construction manager Adam Souza. 

“Together, we arrived at the most efficient and cost-effective option for the airport with the least disruption for airport stakeholders.”

In March, Granite Construction secured a $267 million contract to build a water tunnel in Columbus, Ohio.

In January, Granite was selected as one of five contractors to participate in a $750 million multiple award to upgrade waterfront facilities to support Navy vessels and port operations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

In December, Granite secured a $101 million construction manager contract for the revamp of Highway 101 in Santa Barbara, California.

Granite Construction secured an $18 million deal in November to provide sub-contract work on the revamp of the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

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