Granite subsidiary secures $148M sewer upgrade deal in Chicago

ConDig (21-Aug-20) A subsidiary of civil contractor and construction materials producer Granite Construction has landed five sewer renewal contracts worth a total of $148 million.

Under the contracts, Granite Inliner will be responsible for the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining of 10-inch to 60-inch diameter sewers, structure rehabilitation and sewer repairs for a total of 575,000 lineal feet. 

Liner Products, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Granite, will supply all CIPP materials.

The five contracts, City of Chicago Sewer Lining Term Agreements Area 1 – 5, are part of a multi-year program to renew Chicago’s aging sewer system. 

CIPP lining extends the life of hydraulically adequate sewers at lower cost than excavating and replacing sewers in the streets and is less disruptive to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction, according to Granite.

“This project marks our fourteenth year partnering with the City of Chicago since the inception of this sewer renewal program,” said Granite Inliner regional vice president Denise McClanahan. 

“Granite Inliner takes pride in knowing that our work is helping to protect the city’s essential infrastructure and uphold our commitment to sustainable development.”

Last month, Granite Construction netted a $63 million bridge replacement contract in Elk Grove, California.

In May, Granite was one of five contractors selected by the US Air Force to share in a $350 million deal to upgrade airfields at five military bases in Alaska.

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