Six contractors share in $200M HVAC upgrade deal for US Navy

ConDig (10-Dec-18).  The US Navy has selected six contractors to share in a $200 million deal to revamp heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at various buildings in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc., based in California, was awarded the initial $1.6 million contract to repair HVAC system in H60 Simulator Facility, Naval Base Coronado, San Diego.  Work on this project is expected to be completed by December 19, next year.

Other projects are expected to include upgrades to boiler/chiller plants; digital direct controls or energy management control system; HVAC equipment energy optimization and commissioning and retro commissioning. They are also set to feature revamps to ventilation and exhaust systems, steam, glycol, medical gas, refrigerant, heating hot water and chilled water distribution.

The other contractors appointed to the deal include: Heffler Contracting Group; Public Works Contractor Inc; Souza Construction Inc; Ja’nus Ventilation and Mechanical Inc and

Able Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. All of the companies are based in California. 

The Navy said that terms of the contracts are not set to exceed 60 months, with an overall expected completion date of November 2023.

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